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About Us

About CMR Home Improvement

About Us

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About Us

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In need of some roofing assistance? We are just one call away for any roofing repairs or replacements you need! Do you also need damaged gutters fixed up? CMR Home Improvement cares about settling your roofing damages and guarantees to provide you a replacement that is long lasting and durable; all at affordable prices with a free estimate! You will find our installation results to be excellent and satisfactory. All installations come with warranties. We carry all the proper insurance to protect homeowners. Overtime, we were able to bring roofing repair services throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey in cities like Philadelphia, Morrisville, Trenton, Hamilton, King of Prussia, Allentown, Trevose and many more locations. We work on both residential and commercial property! Rest assured. If you need a roofing project to be completed, you can contact us and see what CMR Home Improvement has to offer!

Pick up the phone and call/text us at (267) 255-5112 or (267) 861-7050 to schedule an estimate and get your roof protected!


Our Services

New Roof Installations

Has your current roof been patched multiple times throughout the years? Is it over 15 years and starting to cause some issues?

It might be time for a new roof and even though a new roof isn't cheap, it's a lot cheaper than the amount of times you'll be patching it in the upcoming years.


Just pick up the phone and give us a call and we'll come out, discuss your options with you and give you an affordable price!

Roof Repairs

Took a look at your roof lately and notice some imperfections? It is possible that a recent storm may have left your roof with some damages?

Whatever the issue may be, we can help keep your roof safe and secure. Visit our Contact page and reach us. Did we forget to mention that customers also receive a free estimate?

Gutter Repairs

Are your gutters warped or sagging? They may be clogged with leaves, sticks, and other debris.

If your gutters are damaged water can start to move down your siding causing you to have problems with mold and rot or worse, water that is on your roof can flow down and go into the soil which can cause damage to your property's foundation.

If this could be an issue for you in the near future just pick up the phone and give us a call!


Contact Us

Is it time for your roof to get repaired or replaced? Want someone you can trust to do the job right? Pick up the phone and call us at (267) 255-5112(267) 861-7050, or shoot us an email at

Get the roof you need!

156 Crabtree Dr. Levittown, PA 19055

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